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Your Connection for Nucleus Colonies

Taking Orders and Deposits for Nucleus Colonies—Spring 2021

Nucs are $190 plus $25 box deposit.
I ask for half down payment to ensure your commitment. Cash or check accepted.
You can bring your own hive boxes and also have the option of delivery and/or transfer of nucs for negotiated fee depending on location.
Nucs will arrive around the first of May 2021.

South Bay Apiaries can be contacted by email at nordstar@optonline.net or call 631.475.8315.

 South Bay Apiaries
bee pollination services

South Bay Apiaries, Long Island

Pollination Contracts & Apiary Maintenance

Pollination Services
Contract South Bay Apiaries for our pollination services. Farmers and gardeners get better crop yields from honey bee pollination services. We offer competitive rates per hive and have worked with local farmers and growers on Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

Apiary Maintenance
South Bay Apiaries offers customized beekeeping services for maintaining your apiary. We have experience in managing beehives in urban areas, the suburbs and rural settings in New York State. Are you just starting out with bee keeping? We can help you with the basics, teach you hive care and maintenance to keep your bees healthy and happy.

South Bay Apiaries: Our Story

Farming and agriculture have always been an interest to me. Starting at young age I would help my family on our dairy farm in Northern New York State, 10 miles from the Quebec border. Clover was an important feed for the cows. It produced a higher cream content then corn fed cows. This made it more conducive for yogurt and cheese production. Raising clover made having bees important. Clover is the bees’ most natural food. The bees helped with the pollination and produced vast amounts of honey from the nectar. It is a symbiotic relationship between feed for cows and nectar for the bees. This was my first experience with beekeeping.

Local L.I. Honey, Bees & Bee Hive Boxes

South Bay Apiaries keeps with this great tradition of family farming. I bring this expertise to my Long Island apiaries. Providing the best quality honey at competitive pricing. My Adirondack Woodware is of the highest craftsmanship and quality.

Sincerely yours,


Our Affiliations

South Bay Apiaries is a proud member of the Empire State Honey Producers Association (ESHPA) and the Long Island Beekeepers Club.

We are now accepting orders for the 2021 Bee Season!

Nucleus colonies: $215 each

 (includes $25 box deposit).
Bees are NYS Dept. of Agriculture inspected.

You may bring your own box, I can transfer the frames.

Available Spring 2021. Order Early! First Come, First Served.

Pricing List

Contacting South Bay Apiaries

South Bay Apiaries can be contacted by email at nordstar@optonline.net or call 631.475.8315.
For inquiries regarding pricing and availability of our supplies and services, please call or email Dale.

We offer shipping on selected products, please contact us for details.

Bees are NYS Dept of Agriculture inspected.

Honey & Bee Products

Our local raw honey is for sale, wholesale & retail. Other bee products available.

Bee Keeping

Bees, queens, and nucleus hives for sale. Apiary service maintenance & support.
Now taking orders for nucleus colonies available April 2021.
Adirondack Woodware by South Bay Apiaries LI

Adirondack Woodware

Hand-crafted beekeeping equipment and supplies for sale.
Please see our pricing list.